Sleeping With The Bears

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Photo credit: Pairi Daiza.

Ever have that eerie feeling you’re being watched?

It may be any one of many creatures that go bump in the night at the Pairi Daiza Resort. But don't worry, it's not a killer clown inspecting you, but perhaps a friendly fat walrus, a curious polar bear or even a waddle of Penguins. 

Zoo by day and half board accommodation by night, guests at the Pairi Daiza Resort can sleep inside their very own animal exhibit that offers a chance to safely observe the zoo creatures. 

Guests have a choice of staying in one of two "worlds" called The Last Frontier and The Land of the Cold. Each world offers a choice of themed rooms depending on the wildlife guests are most eager to see. Each accommodation also has three viewing options, tête-à-tête, view from above and the panoramic view.

Those staying in The Last Frontier can choose to stay in accommodations overlooking bear, wolf, fallow deer or steller sea lion exhibits, while polar bears, walruses, Siberian tigers or penguins can be found in The Land of the Cold. 

Some accommodation options, such as the Full Moon Lodge overlooking the bear and wolf enclosures, accommodate as many as six adults and two children, while others are meant for smaller parties of up to two adults and two children, like the Paddling Bear Double Room, which grants an inside look at sea lions. 

Each room is decked out to suit the enclosure it is viewing. The Tiger House in The Land of the Cold, for example, overlooks the Siberian tigers. The room's dark colours and rustic look evoke feelings of being in the Taiga or a Siberian forest, says the resort website. And from the window seat, guests have a the perfect view of the tigers.

According to the website, a stay at Pairi Daiza includes extended access to the worlds of the resort outside of regular opening hours, breakfast and dinner, free wi-fi, a selection of non-alcoholic drinks in the room and 24-hour room service.  

Named the Best Zoo in Europe by the Diamond Themepark Awards for the last three years (2018 to 2020), the resort is located about an hour's drive from Brussels in Brugelette.

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