A Mountie Always Gets His Man

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

An American border jumper attempted to illegally cross into B.C. on Friday, resulting in a high-stakes RCMP manhunt as the fugitive lazily floated across the Kettle River for two and a half hours. 

Perhaps not the makings of a Hollywood thriller, but for the Grand Forks community, there was a lot to dissect. 

First, police in Washington State alerted Grand Forks RCMP about a border-crosser who entered Canada near Port Cascade in a stolen vehicle, dumped it and fled on foot.

When RCMP confronted the man, he jumped into the nearby Kettle River, a 281-kilometre tributary of the Columbia River in southeastern British Columbia.

Ain't no mountain high enough, no valley low enough and certainly no river wide enough to keep this man from gettin' to Canada. 

Photo credit: Grand Forks RCMP.

RCMP tracked him on his lazy drift in the river by walking along both sides of the river bank. At a point where the river narrowed, authorities and local residents were able to wade into the river, escort the man back to shore before sending him up the river. 

“This was an exceptional response from many involved including the Grand Forks and Midway officers who tracked the male for 2.5 hours, the Grand Forks Fire Department, BC Emergency Health Services and local search and rescue personnel,” Grand Forks RCMP Sergeant Darryl Peppler said in a statement.

“We would like to thank the good Samaritans who assisted us in helping to safely escort this male to shore where he could be taken into custody.”

Anna Kroupina

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