So 90’s! Airbnb Lists Blockbuster Video Sleepover

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Those who grew up in the '90s probably have fond memories of heading over to their nearest blue-and-yellow depot to pick the perfect Friday night flick until, sadly, the movie rental chain announced it would close shop and all Canadian Blockbuster stores ran their last credits in 2011.

That was before Netflix and Chill streaming services took over the movie and TV business. Back then, Blockbuster was one of the biggest DVD and home video rental companies on the planet. Now, Bend, Ore. is home to the last Blockbuster location.

For those wishing to relive the nostalgic tradition, a special Airbnb listing is bringing back the smell of popcorn and VHS tapes as it stages a sleepover inside that last location. 

“Over the past few months, we’ve been missing the regular visits from friends, neighbours and tourists from around the world. So, we’re opening our store to three quarantine pods of Deschutes County guests for a socially-distanced movie night, just like those of decades past!” the listing reads.

The exterior looks just like the stores of yesteryear, complete with glowing yellow signage and rows upon rows of DVDs and video games. A special spot has been designated to host the sleepovers in the store, with a sofa bed facing a large-screen TV and a rack of movie snacks available for visitors.

“Help yourself to some NERDS, Raisinets and popcorn (heavy on the butter), but make sure you save room for a couple slices,” the listing says. “The store is all yours for the night! So let loose, blast the boombox and wear your favorite ‘90s denim so that you feel right at home in another era."

It's a real blast from the past, but one detail is very "2020": guests will be provided with face coverings, disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer for their stay.

Anna Kroupina

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