German Nudist Makes Mad Dash To Rescue Laptop

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Photo credit: adelelandauer_lifecoach via Instagram.

It's not just sand in your buns that you need to watch out for while working on that full-body tan at a nude beach, it's also the laptop-stealing swine.

A wild boar named Elsa pilfered a laptop from an unlucky nudist at a German lake, resulting in a frantic hog chase at Teufelssee, a popular nudist spot in Berlin. Photos of the naked man making a mad dash for the pig went viral online after they were posted to Instagram.

He did, eventually, recover his laptop.

The incident made the sow and her piglets famous, but now the little hog family is learning the price of publicity. 

Photo credit: adelelandauer_lifecoach via Instagram.

Berlin’s chief forest ranger Katja Kammer says Elsa must be killed because she has become too comfortable among humans.

“This wild boar and her two young are frequent visitors at Teufelssee… they have lost any instinct of shyness,” she told local broadcaster RBB, according to a report by the Irish Times. “It’s only luck that, to date, nothing serious has happened.”

Thousands were outraged by Kammer’s comments and have rallied to the defence of the wild swine family. petition has garnered almost 12,000 signatures supporting the rescue of the “cheeky but peaceful sow from Teufelssee."

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