Passenger "Wings It" To Escape Stuffy Aircraft

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Airplanes can get a bit stuffy, especially during a delayed flight. 

The majority of passengers sit patiently while any issues are resolved. But there's a rare few who think the rules don’t apply to them, like the woman who took living on a wing and a prayer literally. 

A Ukraine International Airlines flight from Antalya, Turkey to Kiev, Ukraine, had technical issues upon landing at KBP and passengers weren't allowed to disembark. 

A woman travelling with her husband and children was reportedly overheard saying she was "too hot" and needed to cool down… right before she decided the best course of action was to pop open the emergency exit and take a stroll on the aircraft's wing.

A minute-long video has emerged of the woman, dressed in a white top and light pink trousers, sitting out on the wing in front of stunned onlookers, before being summoned back on board by the airplane's crew.

Her unauthorized walk on the wing of the Boeing 737 has seen her banned from all future UIA flights.

According to a statement from the airline, airport security and police attended the scene, along with doctors, who determined the woman "was not under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs."

UIA went on to criticize the passenger for setting an inadequate "parental example," stressing that she may be subject to "an exceptionally high financial penalty in the form of a fine."

Anna Kroupina

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