"Would You Like Warm Nuts With That?" Recreate The Golden Age Of Air Travel At Home With A PanAm Drinks Trolley

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Hardcore travel enthusiasts can own a piece of aviation legacy that harks back to the golden age of air travel with an authentic food and beverage cart branded with one of America’s most glamorous airlines.

The Pan Am in-flight service drinks trolley is available to own, decked out in the airline's authentic livery and boasting all the pedals, switches and knobs used by flight attendants.

Manufacturer MySky SkyCart, which develops light aircraft models and airline service carts, admits the piece is "certainly overbuilt for home use", but says customers "will love its solid feel and touch every time you use it.” 

"A SkyCart is not just a piece of furniture, it is not just a piece of aviation memorabilia, it is not just a conversation starter, it is not just an object of high quality industrial chic in inspiring design that is fun to use… A SkyCart is all of the above," the website reads. 

Several versions of the Pan Am-branded drinks trolley are available for sale, including the Pan Am "Your Bar in The Sky" trolley, which is "the ideal compact bar for your home or office," according to the website, or the wine lover's cart that can store up to 21 bottles of vino. 

For those who don't drink, there's always the Pan Am-branded filing cabinet for storing binders and paperwork, " a very useful conversation starter in your office."

Each SkyCart trolley is designed for use as a galley cart on commercial airliners, which means it meets strict FAA technical requirements, including "crashworthiness", says the company. SkyCart, it says, can withstand a load of 1,320 lb. 

How many bottles of wine is that?

Anna Kroupina

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