Even COVID Can't Stop This Party: Lufthansa Flight Celebrates Oktoberfest With Dirndls, Hops And Pretzels

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

The famous parades, barrel races and beer flights of Munich's Oktoberfest had to be cancelled this year amid the global health crisis… but another kind of flight kept this world-famous Bavarian tradition alive.

With dirndls on the flight crew and cold pilsner for the passengers, Lufthansa's special Trachtencrew flights paid tribute to the annual German harvest festival that's become one of the biggest parties in the world.

Lufthansa Trachtencrew (meaning: crew in traditional German costume) swapped their dark blue business suits, yellow ties and scarves for something a bit more... festive, German-style: traditional dirndl and lederhosen outfits, complete with low neckline , push-up white blouses and colourful frocks for the female crew members, and vests and leather shorts for the men. 

“The tradition of Trachtencrew flights is as long as it is successful at Lufthansa. The first flights in traditional costume took place as early as 1957, and even back then they were already fascinating Lufthansa passengers all over the world,” says a Lufthansa press release. 

“In 2006 the idea was taken up again and the maiden flight went – as well as this year – to New York. Since then, the Lufthansa Trachtencrew has been heading to 25 destinations from China to Japan, India and the USA, as well as destinations all over Europe.”

The Oktoberfest spirit is about food and drink even more than style, and this year's Oktoberfest celebrations in Lufthansa’s lounges at MUC included serving a variety of Bavarian delights. On the menu were Leberkäs cheese, sauerkraut and potato salad, roasted almonds and pretzel pearls, and, of course, Oktoberfest beer. The delicacies continued onboard select flights for business passengers, who could order a meal of trout, a snack of Bavarian cream or a treat of specialty ale: Weissbier.


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