This New Fountain In Switzerland Hits The Sweet Spot

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

The chocolate delicacies of Switzerland come in many shapes and sizes. Bite-sized Lindt fondant balls, rich truffles, bars and even large sheets of delectable Swiss chocolate. The only thing missing was a super-sized chocolate fountain… But a new museum in Zurich can satisfy that sweet dream.

At 30 feet and weighing 2.2 tonnes, the new Lindt Home of Chocolate fountain is said to be the world's largest. Some 1500 litres of real chocolate flow through the fountain at a speed of 2.2 pounds per second, through pipes with a total length of 308 feet hidden inside the sculpture, from a giant whisk into what looks like a classic Lindor truffle. 
"The chocolate fountain is the centrepiece of the Lindt Home of Chocolate and represents an homage to the globally renowned and popular Lindor truffles," said Ernst Tanner, Chairman of the Board of Lindt & Sprüngli, at the opening. 

The giant chocolate fountain's ooey gooey goodness and delicious scent dominate the entire lobby. But it's for its spectacular looks only.  No dipping allowed!

The new museum also features 65,000 square feet interactive exhibitions, displays about the history of the cocoa bean, the largest Lindt shop in the world with exclusive items, and the chance to create your very own personalized chocolate.

Currently, the Bellagio Chocolate Fountain in Las Vegas is certified by Guinness World Records as the largest chocolate fountain in the world, but at 27 feet tall its reign might just be coming to an end.

Anna Kroupina

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