Karaoke Stars Are Born By Singing In A Shower

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Photo credit: Tracie’s Place Restaurant and Karaoke via Facebook

Who doesn’t love to let lose in the shower? Vocally, that is. 

A karaoke bar owner in Hamilton, Ontario, had the brilliant idea to leverage our natural penchant for combining cleanliness with singing and created a shower stall on stage. What better way to contain any spittle from overly eager vocalizations and keep the audience safe during COVID-19?

Tracie's Place Restaurant and Karaoke has constructed a shower stall for karaoke crooners to sing in, complete with clear plastic shower curtains and tubular piping.

"Doing it in the shower is a great way to stay sanitized and keep everything clean," owner Tracie England told Reuters.

Pre-COVID, England had to rush vocalists along because there was such high demand to get behind the mic. Now, with less soloists eager to take the stage, she plays a song between each singer, giving her a chance to clean down the shower stall. Shower curtains also separate the tables.

"Everything's been fabulous so far," England said.

Now all those solo shower performances can be put to good use!

Anna Kroupina

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