From WOW To MOM; Iceland’s Upside Down World

Nina Slawek, Open Jaw

There’s a theory that if you live on landlocked piece of ice, you get bored and occasionally need to find ways to entertain yourself.

That may well be the explanation for Iceland’s recently announced launch of MOM Air. Which bears an uncanny resemblance to WOW Air. Only upside down. 

Joke or relaunch of WOW, nobody is sure. But here are some of the details on MOM Air service.

“MOM air is super-low cost airline based from Iceland and will carry passengers to and from Europe and the USA. Our main destinations are located in Europe and the States.”

According to MOM, long term financial security for the newly launched airline has been secured in cooperation with foreign and Icelandic investors.

So far, it sounds identical to WOW.

As with any ULCC, everything except the actual flight is extra. But MOM Air has upped the ante with this list of “optionals”:

  • “Mommyfood” (not sure we want to find out what that is)
  • Reading materials 
  • Charging for electrical devices
  • Internet
  • Luggage space
  • Toilet paper (seriously?)
  • Hand soap (ew)
  • Selection of seats “and more.”

Those Icelanders might want to stick to knitting sweaters in the winter months - hopefully with the arm holes where they belong. 

Can you see the difference?

Nina Slawek

Nina Slawek President

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