Man Cooks Chickens In Yellowstone Hot Springs

Nina Slawek, Open Jaw

And why not? You’ve got a chicken that needs cookin’ and a sulphurous pit which bubbles at such a high heat it’ll melt a car in seconds - put the two together and you’ve got yerself dinner.

The rangers at Yellowstone National Park who guard the geyser basin from trespassers who could get injured in the hot springs didn’t quite see it that way.

Although there could be money to be made in selling Yellowstone Spring Chickens. Foul Fowl with that extra sulphurous crunch.

The Idaho man who tossed in the chickens for some bubble and tweet was apprehended and pled guilty to multiple charges, including foot travel in a thermal area, violating closures and use limits inside a Mammoth Hot Spring. According to Newsweek, the court slapped him with a US$1,200 fine and two years of unsupervised probation. He's also banned from visiting Yellowstone for two years.

Maybe next time, he can try frying eggs for lunch at Death Valley.

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