Fly Market! From Pepper Shakers To Seat Covers, Airline Sells All

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Like that neighbour who pulls out tables loaded with chipped cups and old sunglasses every weekend, Thai Airways also thinks it’s a great model for quick cash. 

The coronavirus pandemic is weighing heavily on the struggling carrier and it has resorted to selling everything but the kitchen sink.

Actually, maybe even the kitchen sink. 

From wine glasses and seat covers to aircraft tires, the Thai flag carrier is hoping consumers can find something useful from its decommissioned aircraft crockery, SimpleFlying reports. 

Thai is also peddling some of its biz-class booze. Care for some Dom Perignon or Veuve Cliquot from the first class liquor cabinet?

There's larger Thai Airways memorabilia up for grabs, as well. Earlier this month 32 of its widebody planes, including all of its Boeing 747s were put on the block. Even its office space is up for grabs, including the head office building in Bangkok, according to SimpleFlying.

Thai Airways has been barely scraping by through the pandemic. In September, the carrier filed for debt restructuring as part of bankruptcy proceedings after it defaulted on over US$2.8 billion worth of loans and bonds and lost $926 million in the first six months of 2020.

With no offices, no planes, no seats or salt shakers, are they still an airline? 

Anna Kroupina

Anna Kroupina Journalist

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