Iceland Wants You! If You’re Rich

Nina Slawek, Open Jaw

Who doesn’t want wealthy clients? But to make people’s pant pockets a condition of doing business takes some fairly large frosties.

Most of us would be happy with any little chip of business, especially in these times.

But Iceland, The Land of Fire and Ice requires proof of an almost CA$10,000 monthly salary (or about $120,000 a year) for applicants to be approved for a six-month stay on the island. 

That probably throws cold water on quite a few "work from away" plans.

Icelandic politician Asta Gudrun Helgadottir told the National Post the idea is "to attract high-earning professionals" working in the tech sector. The ice cream of the crop, you could say. The hope is this affluent crowd will rent out unused Airbnbs, fill empty tables at restaurants, and head to the countryside on weekends to explore like typical slow-going tourists. 

Iceland isn’t the first destination to lure digital nomads with long-stay waivers, but it certainly is the one to offer the priciest proposition. Bermuda, for instance, requires little more than a US$263 application fee for those who want to swap their dreary cityscape for a Caribbean beach.

Nina Slawek

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