Pancakes à la Hotel Room Iron, Anyone?

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Who needs room service when you can MacGyver dinner using only the appliances in your hotel room? 

Young English chef Jago Randles posted a series of TikTok videos in which he whipped up gourmet meals in his hotel room using basic appliances like coffee makers and irons. 

Randles quarantined for two weeks at the Gec Granville Suites Hotel in Vancouver after arriving in Canada to take on a new job at a ski resort in Whistler and he wanted to dine in the way he was accustomed to.  

In what he calls his "Isolation Kitchen", he made fluffy blueberry pancakes, steak au Poivre complete with creamy peppercorn sauce, and fried shrimp overtop steamed vegetables.

His innovative creations even attracted the attention of notoriously hard-to-please chef, Gordon Ramsay. 

"That looks like some decent food, certainly some of the best food I've seen in any hotel," said Ramsay in a video on his own TikTok.

Although Randles uses parchment paper, tinfoil and Saran wrap to protect the appliances he uses, some TikTokers have thrown darts about the hygiene of it all.

"Out of all the foods, why fish?" commented @rhdue_ on Randle's very first video in which he prepared vermicelli with baby bock choy, scrambled egg and salmon. "Every guest staying after you gonna be smelling that."

"Worked housekeeping ages ago. A family came and cooked in the room and it REEKED for a week," says a user called @cursed.forgurt. Another user, @ksmed14, chimes in, "Having a job where I stay in hotel rooms a lot - you are the reason we don't use the kettles / irons."

So don't be surprised the next time your hotel room coffee has an oniony aftertaste.

Anna Kroupina

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