600-Gallon Hot Tub Cruise Making A Splash In NYC

Nina Slawek, Open Jaw

Sea the City via Facebook.

Alcohol-soaked bodies slowly steaming in hot water, on a boat, during a pandemic, is all the rage in New York. No mask required.

Sea the City offers hot-tub boat cruises along the Hudson River in its custom-built catamaran, which houses two 600-gallon hot tubs that can fit up to eight people. And there’s no drink limit. BYOB means hot tubbers can drink as much beer as they can carry. It doesn’t get much better than that.

The COVID incubation boat circles the Statue of Liberty before making its way back up the Hudson and disgorging it’s passengers into the city.

Sea the City via Facebook.

Jacqui Wimberly, her husband and three girlfriends say they had a splashy time on their hot tub cruise last month. She tells NYPost they each dished out about US$100 for a 90-minute rub-a-dub, cruising past glittering night-time views of the Statue of Liberty and dazzling Manhattan skyline.

Sea the City owner Adam Schwartz says business is so good, he's planning on adding another hot-tub boat to his fleet in Miami.

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