Kick It With the Rockettes Holiday Dance Lessons

Lynn Elmhirst, Open Jaw Trends Editor

You can’t keep The Rockettes down.

Radio City Music Hall in New York is dark this Christmas, along with countless other culture and entertainment venues.

But for the high-kicking Rockettes, the show must go on.

The “Christmas Spectacular Starring The Radio City Rockettes” may be canceled, but that doesn’t mean they can’t spread holiday cheer and inspiration in their high-heeled tap shoes.

They’ve decided to offer free, virtual dance classes to keep spirits up, share some of the secrets of their famous, leggy moves… and even help you work off some of those COVID/ Christmas extra pounds.

The 50-60-minute classes are on The Rockettes’ Instagram Live weekly through to December 23rd, but will also be posted on theirInstagram andFacebook pages if you miss the live class. (No excuses!)

Even those of us without the genetic blessings of ‘up to here’ legs will get a ‘kick’ out of these classes,reports Shape magazine.

“‘Parade of the Wooden Soldiers’ for instance, led by Rockette Melinda Moeller, is very beginner-friendly, especially if you're totally new to dancing, says Morgan.”

So if you've ever wanted to channel your inner Rockette, now's your chance.


"Every single time we take that stage, it's a moment for us to shine," Moeller tells Shape. "Despite not being on stage this year, we've had that same feeling when we're on Instagram Live, and I hope that people experience some of that connection. If at the end of the class, people are left feeling connected and uplifted, then I feel like it was a job well done — and I'm grateful for that," she says.


"Times are tough right now, and it's important to take a moment to yourself. You have to find that joy, which may mean dancing by yourself in your apartment, pretending to be a Rockette. You have to step away mentally and live a little sometimes."


Or treat your Christmas spirit to this promo for last year’s Christmas Spectacular Starring The Radio City Rockettes.


Sally - January 4, 2021 @ 15:02
Covid exercise option for your family!! Ellen

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