Travel Like a Queen of the Skies With a Carry-On Made With a Jumbo Jet Piece

Mark Stachiew, Open Jaw

Photo credit: British Airways

Fans of travel and #avgeeks alike could literally own a piece of aviation history thanks to a partnership between British Airways and Globe-Trotter that is selling limited edition carry-on suitcases that are not only smart-looking, but each bag contains a fragment cut out from one of the airline's retired Boeing 747 Jumbo Jets.

Limited to just 150 examples, these retro-styled carry-ons will set you back a hefty £1,935 ($3,360), but that's a small price to pay for something so unique.

The bags are handmade in England and have a special ‘Gold Speedbird’ insignia hand painted on the exterior. The pearlescent white cases are made from high-gloss vulcanised fibreboard with navy leather trim on the corners and handles and available for sale at Inside each bag is a piece cut out of one of the airline’s retired Jumbo Jets.

Photo credit: British Airways

If those bags are just too pedestrian for you, you could try to snag one of two special suitcases being auctioned off to raise money for Flying Start, part of British Airways' partnership with the charity Comic Relief. These bags have the special distinction of having been aboard the last flight of the airline's BOAC retrojet in December which also happened to be British Airways' last Boeing 747 flight. The two bags are also autographed by the flight’s captain, Richard Allen-Williams. Bids start at a cool £2,000 per bag, but are sure to climb quickly. Place your bid here.

"While it was the right time to bid farewell to our Queen of the Skies, the launch of these BOAC-inspired carry-on suitcases provides a perfect opportunity for someone to celebrate a bygone era of global air travel and own a piece of our history" said Hamish McVey, British Airways’ Head of Brands & Marketing.

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