COVID Relief Package: Rent Out B.C. House & Escape To Maskless Maldives

Mark Stachiew, Open Jaw

Overwater bungalows at Anantara Hotels Resorts & Spas.
Photo credit: Anantara Hotels Resorts & Spas.

It’s currently six degrees in Vancouver, overcast and dreary. There are mandatory mask requirements, restrictions on social gatherings and, for this British Columbia couple, there’s also a mortgage, but none of that worries them since they found a way to live “maskless and free” in an overwater bungalow in the Arabian Sea.

It was a no-brainer for Neal Van Beers and his girlfriend, Charmaine Sanchez. According to Vancouver is Awesome, the B.C. couple purchased an "unlimited stays" package at Anantara's Veli Maldives Resort for $30K and are now waking up to turquoise waters and white-washed beaches.


The package includes unlimited stays until DEC 2021. In DEC last year, the couple put up their house for rent and jetted off to Indian Ocean paradise. They never looked back.


Why would they? The couple enjoys complimentary breakfast, 25 per cent off all other meals and all the amenities expected from a luxury resort, not to mention balmy breezes and unlimited Vitamin D. Temperatures in the Maldives hover year-round at 25 to 30°C and there's an average of eight hours of sunshine every day.


Van Beers, who owns a Dairy Queen franchise in Golden, B.C., can work remotely and the Maldives are pretty remote.


The couple had originally planned to come back to Canada in March, but are now considering staying the entire year. Wouldn’t you?

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