Tripadvisor Complaint: Wife Books Swedish Massage But Gets Overnight Therapy Package

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The beach was perfect. The pool, crystal clear. The food, scrumptious. The service… a little too personal.

A British husband left a one-star Tripadvisor review of a resort in Turks and Caicos complaining that his wife received a very personalized service that didn’t appear in the brochure: a carnal romp with the hotel’s massage therapist, reports The Sun

It started off innocently enough.The man -- whose handle is michaelh14928 -- wrote on Tripadvisor: "My wife and I went to this resort. Beautiful resort. Water, sand pool and service amazing. We had such a good time that I (husband) decided to fly home to get our son Tom to enjoy it also.”

On returning to the luxury resort, “Michael” says things “seemed awkward” with his wife. 

Eventually, she confessed that she booked a massage while he was gone to pick up their son. She said the massage therapist seduced her and spent the night with her. There’s deep tissue massage, and then there’s going deep with tissue.

"I am not blaming the resort for this, this is my wife’s fault. But just know that this is the thing that can happen at this resort,” he warned in the review which has since been removed.

The resort's brochure did promise "friendly staff" so perhaps there is truth in advertising afterall. 

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