Flex or Fine? Bali Tells Maskless Tourists to Pay Up or Push-Up

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

That ill-tempered movie sergeant that orders a private to “drop and give me 50” has inspired Bali’s police force.

Tourists to the island who recklessly disregard mask regulations better have serious biceps and a willingness to be publicly humiliated - because the punishment is 50 push-ups. On the ground. In the hot sun.

For workout freaks packing big guns, this may sound like a treat, but for the average tourist, paying the $9 fine is likely the less embarrassing option. 

Local police are sick of the excuses, with maskless tourists offering everything from not being aware of the rules or forgetting their mask, to their face covering getting wet or their dog eating it.

Anyone found wearing masks incorrectly (we’re looking at you, nose exposers) has to drop and give 15.

Headlines in several local Balinese media outlets call out the "naughty bule" for not wearing masks properly — or at all. Bule is an Indonesian word for foreigners, especially Caucasians.

In the Badung regency area, where the popular Kuta and Seminyak beaches are located, local authorities have recorded as many as 8,864 offences occurring in a single week, according to a report by the ABC. In all, police have gathered 15.3 million rupiah ($1,400) from the fines in Badung alone.

Do knee push-ups count?

Anna Kroupina

Anna Kroupina Journalist

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