SeatSnoozer Aims To Make It Easier To Catch Winks At 40,000 Feet

Open Jaw

Sleeping on a plane is problematic for many. Some simply can’t get to sleep. Others worry about snoring or drooling, with strangers as their witness. Still others simply find it too uncomfortable to sleep sitting up with no head or neck support.

The Seatsnoozer is a new travel sleeping device designed to comfortably support the user’s head and neck while seated for long periods. It claims to do “what all neck pillows and travel pillows fail to do” by supporting the neck and preventing the user’s head from flopping forward and moving side to side.

The device consists of a ‘night mask’ that goes over the eyes, an adjustable head strap to hold the mask in place, and a ‘tail’ that connects the head loop and mask to the back pad which anchors between the user’s back and the seatback, preventing the head from flopping and turning. The product weighs just three ounces.

The SeatSnoozer may have some other benefits too, like preventing you from inadvertently snuggling your seatmate (especially if it’s a stranger) like this woman on the London metro. However, by making it easier to sleep, the product could result in more stories like this one, where a woman flying from Pakistan to Paris slept so deeply that she woke up when the plane was returning to her original gateway.

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