Planes With More Premium Pax May Get To Land 1st

Open Jaw

Wait just a minute. We get it that premium pax get to board the plane 1st. After all, the amount they’re paying helps push down the fares for us plebs. But should planes with a high percentage of premium flyers get to take off and land 1st?

That’s a possibility for the future, according to an article in the Sunday Times. They report that Richard Deakin, the Chief Executive of Britain’s National Air Traffic Services (NATS) says the introduction of remote technology, sensors and infrared cameras will increase the amount of data air controllers received from flights.

This would in turn allow controllers to prioritize flights at the request of airlines.

Deakin said: “It might tell the controller how many passengers need to make a connecting flight. The controller can then make more informed decisions, perhaps giving it extra priority to make sure the passengers definitely make their connection.” OK, that makes sense. But then Deakin takes it a step further: “And the commercial applications become obvious - tiered or premium services, giving priority to frequent flyers, loyal customers and high-value customers."

Right. So we’ll just circle overhead while the rich folks land. I also don’t want the air traffic control tower mediating airline messages pleading for priority... I’d prefer that they just concentrate on my safety.

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