Mmmm, Mmmm, It's Rocky Mountain Oyster Time

Open Jaw

Each year the historic mining town of Virginia City, Nevada celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with a ballsy festival.

The Rocky Mountain Oyster Fry attracts thousands of daring food lovers to enjoy testes tastings, partake in the Ball Breaker Saloon Crawl and witness the St. Patrick’s Day parade. This year the event is set for March 14th on C Street, the town’s main drag.

Wait a minute. Is that supposed to read ‘testes tastings?’ Yes, indeed. The term Rocky Mountain oysters is a euphemism for cow testicles, an unlikely gourmet item.

The 24th version of the event will feature more than 20 cooks serving up fried, chopped, grilled or sautéed cow testicles in a variety of flavour combinations. Cooks compete for Best Overall Taste, Best Presentation, Best Booth and Best Team Name, as well as bragging rights as the best Rocky Mountain Oyster Cook in the west.

Tasting tickets start at $5 for 3 samples or 10 samples for $10. A bargain, really. And visitors are sure to have a ball.

The Rocky Mountain Oyster Fry is sponsored by Coors Light, because nothing pairs better with a testicle than a nice cold beer... or 12.

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