Pilot Lockout At DL – But It's Not What You Think

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A Delta Air Lines flight had to make an emergency landing in Las Vegas after the pilot was locked out of the cockpit due to a door malfunction.

DL1651 from MSP landed safely at LAS with the co-pilot at the controls. But it must have been a strange and awkward landing for the pilot, who was on the wrong side of the flight deck for about 1/2 the flight time.

It is unclear why the pilot had exited the cockpit or what caused the door to jam.

"About half way through the flight there seemed to be some talking at the front of the plane. You could see the captain out there," passenger Jesse Dougherty told ABC News. "There wasn't a huge panic but some confusion."

DL says it is a rare occurrence and will be investigated by technicians. "A commercial aircraft can be landed with one pilot at the control and Delta pilots are fully trained to do so if the situation were to occur," said spokeswoman Lindsay McDuff. "The First Officer took control and landed the aircraft safely without incident. The door will be evaluated by Delta maintenance technicians."

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