Passenger Nonchalant After Opening Exit Door For Some Air

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The man just needed a little air.

An image taken by a fellow passenger is circulating on Chinese social media site Weibo showing a man sitting in his seat and enjoying fresh air after opening an aircraft door. Reports say that as soon as he boarded, he walked straight over to the emergency exit and opened it.

“This door is not important,” he remarked nonchalantly to cabin crew when questioned about his actions.

The B737-800 was not airborne - air pressure would have made the door impossible to open if it had been. The China Southern flight was still on the tarmac in Nanjing Lukou International Airport, China.

While he might think opening the door was no big deal, he’ll have lots of time to reconsider after airport police said they would hold him in jail for 10 days as a punishment.

Several similar incidents have taken place in China, with pax - many of them new to flying - opening aircraft doors while planes are stationary or taxiing. They do it usually to get a bit of fresh air, rather as you might open a window at home.

A few weeks before, a particularly impatient passenger on a China Eastern flight decided to open a door on landing and deploy an emergency slide, so he wouldn’t have to line up and depart the plane with other pax.

When asked by authorities why he opened the door, he responded simply: “To get off the plane quicker.”

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