Full Monty: This Passenger Won't Set Off The Metal Detector

Open Jaw

You take off your shoes, your belt, your watch – and you still set off the @#$%^& metal detector.

It’s one of the most frustrating aspects of modern air travel: setting off the scanner and having to stand there with your arms in the air and your pants barely staying up, while a security agent dances around you with a wand.

One traveller at LED wasn’t going to chance it. Before approaching the scanner, he nonchalantly took it off – took it all off – making it clear he was not bearing any metal objects.

In a video of the incident, 2 guards can be seen chatting and looking on as the man bends down to remove his shoes and then starts to remove his belt. When he keeps removing clothing, one security worker can be seen nudging his colleague and pointing to the man, but neither appears to know what to do next.

Staff stand back and appear to let him just walk through the metal detectors. Then, as if there is nothing unusual about the situation, the man picks up his clothes - places his wrist watch back on 1st, then proceeds to walk off.

St. Petersburg police are said to be investigating the incident. Why? The passenger should get bonus miles for speeding up the process.

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