FI Crew Adopts Puppies Born Just Before Flight

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A crew at SEA loading pets onto an Icelandair plane destined for ARN, discovered that one of the dogs had given birth before the flight was scheduled to take off.

According to FI's official Facebook account, a frequent traveller affectionately dubbed “Grandpa" Torsten was heading home with his sled dog, Pepper, when the workers loading the animals onto the plane noticed that the dog had given birth.

In a follow-up post from FI, the company reveals that a veterinarian was called and informed all parties involved that puppies were not allowed to fly until they were at least 2 months old.

Torsten had to return to Sweden, so the puppies could only spend a short time with their mother before the owner was forced to leave the U.S. Instead of letting the newborn animals be placed in a shelter, 4 airline workers stepped up and adopted the puppies.

The puppies were named Hekla, Askja, Keilir and Katla after 4 Icelandic volcanoes.

While there are questions about why the owner would attempt to fly on such a long flight when his dog was so close to giving birth, the story has a happy ending. On its Facebook page, Icelandair wrote: “We couldn't be happier to welcome 4 beautiful new puppies to our Icelandair family, all thanks to a most unexpected surprise!"

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