Room With A View – Of Godzilla

Open Jaw

If your kids worry about monsters under the bed, you probably don't want to take them to the Hotel Gracery in Shinjuku, Japan.

The 30 story hotel located atop the city's Toho cinema opens April 24th, and to celebrate the opening, the Toho company - famous for creating Godzilla - decided to erect a realistic Godzilla head on the hotel's lower roof deck, which appears to be devouring the hotel.

That's not all, however. Godzilla is inside the hotel as well. One of a few “Godzilla Rooms" is loaded with film memorabilia and features a massive claw stretching over the beds.

The Godzilla rooms starts at $334 for weekday stays and $417 for weekend visits.

Those desiring a view of the lizard can stay in one of the hotel's 2 “Godzilla View Rooms," which overlook the massive monument. A room with a monstrous view costs $125 a night.

The Hotel Gracery also constructed an observation deck for guests not lucky enough to get a themed room to gawk at the lizard-like monster attacking the hotel.

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