NK Celebrates 69th Plane With $69 Fares – Insert Punchline Here

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The ad agency for Spirit Airlines has a flair for sophomoric humour. So imagine how excited the copywriters were to learn the airline had just acquired its 69th plane and was celebrating with $69 fares. Heady times indeed.

"We've been waiting to hit 69 planes for years," reads the offer on Spirit's website. "It's our favourite number -- ever since we were 12 and found that magazine under our brother's bed (the one with the fantastic articles). Use your mouth to spread the word: Spirit is in an even better position to get you where you're going."

Hyuk, Hyuk.

Some observers say the campaign crosses the limits of good taste. "You can't object to that price point, but you certainly can object to the discount airline's marketing strategy, which is so juvenile it led us to wonder if Spirit's website was hacked," wrote Aaron Rupar of KMSP in Minneapolis.

NK spokesman Paul Berry, in a prepared statement, said the promotion reflects the airline's quirky culture. "Spirit isn't your typical airline and we don't want to be. We enjoy being different than other airlines. When it comes to advertising, different means we don't spend a lot of money on advertising - because that just increases fares. But we're also different because our ads are fun, provocative, sometimes silly and often irreverent. They get lots of attention," said Berry.

The fact that you're reading this proves Berry's point.

"The vast majority of our customers find these types of ads humorous and accept them for what they are. We understand there is a small group of people who feel differently."

Based in Florida, NK is famous for charging fees for everything it possibly can. The airline's justification is simple: Pay for what you want on your flight, and don't pay for what you don't want.

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