Inflight Strip Show & Other Recent Airborne Antics

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In-flight entertainment is getting more varied all the time, and much of it is being provided by the passengers themselves.

Last week we had a woman light up a smoke at her seat, then shamelessly blame the passenger next to her, despite the fact that she had been filmed puffing away.

This week brings an equally strange tale of a woman flying to LGW from KIN, who allegedly stripped and “disrupted the flight by performing a solo sex act," as the Jamaica Observer reported.

The 46 yr. old woman from south-west London was arrested on suspicion of being drunk on an aircraft after her BA flight landed at LGW. Cabin crew had called police to meet the flight after the woman allegedly performed a sex act on herself while naked.

Other incidents over the past week included a 50 yr. old actress allegedly punching a flight attendant and a passenger during a Cebu Pacific Air domestic flight to Mindanao. Why the violence? In one of those 'Don't you know who I am?' moments, the actress named Melissa Mendez refused to move from a seat reserved for another passenger. Mendez is a well-known name in the Philippines, having starred in more than 50 films.

Meanwhile, a 68 yr. old passenger threatened to blow up a FlyDubai flight from Bahrain to Dubai unless he was offered more alcohol and allowed to move to business class. The man, who hails from Bahrain, also displayed his classy nature by attempting to lure a female flight attendant into one of the aircraft toilets, while making indecent gestures to indicate his intentions.

He says he took medication before flying and can't remember the incidents.

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