Friday-Night Serial Pooper Hits NZ Pool Complex

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A public swimming pool complex popular with visitors to New Zealand’s South Island is battling a mysterious serial defecator who struck again last Friday for the 6th time.

Staff at Splash Palace, a big pool in Invercargill, were on watch last Friday in an attempt to catch the pool pooper, who had hit the complex the previous 5 Friday evenings in a row.

Despite their vigilance, the culprit struck again and escaped.

The pool pooper’s unpleasant actions have gained national media notoriety.

Invercargill city council aquatic services manager Pete Thompson says the defecator’s acts have cost the pool “tens of thousands of dollars” in lost revenue.

Each time faecal matter is found floating in the water, the pool has to be drained and closed for cleaning, a process taking about 6 hours, Thompson explains. “It generally happens after 5pm each Friday night,” Thompson told the Southland Times.

Thompson said if the offender was caught, council could recover costs if it could prove the action was deliberate.

Splash Palace is popular with tourists, especially as the seas around Invercargill can get chilly. At the pool, signs have gone up warning people not to swim if they have upset stomachs, and advising parents to check their children. However, pool manager Thompson believes the phantom defecator may be acting deliberately, and may not be a child.

“How do you prove something is deliberate unless you catch them in the act?” Thompson told the Southland Times. The pool complex has cameras, he confirmed, “but not high-definition enough to pick up the red face of someone squinting.”

While the situation is clearly not funny, Splash Palace is using humour on its Facebook page to draw attention to the problem, as the photo accompanying this story shows.

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