VS Water Cannon Salute Turns Into Foamy Flop

Open Jaw

Foam parties always sound like a good idea. But they can get messy.

A Virgin Atlantic passenger jet was grounded after a botched ‘water cannon salute’ by airport firefighters clogged its engines by spraying thick fire-suppressing foam instead of water.

The VS plane – with its ‘Beauty Queen’ name emblazoned on the fuselage of the Airbus A330-300 -- had just landed in Manchester with 188 passengers on board after a high-profile inaugural flight from ATL.

The plane was set to depart MAN after passengers enjoyed experiencing the watery tradition of a water cannon salute. It wasn’t long before passengers were suffering through an overnight delay.

As firefighters positioned themselves to spray a giant arc of water over the top of the jet, one of them mistakenly pressed the button marked ‘foam.’

Instead of water pouring over the aircraft, it was this thick foam which clogged the sensitive engines and hi-tech turbine blades.

Dripping with residue, the plane sputtered off to undergo a top to bottom safety check.

Over 250 departing passengers set for a 10.35am instead faced a five hour delay before finally being told the flight would have to be cancelled altogether. Pax were put up in hotels in preparation for a replacement flight this morning.

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