Are Pax Crazier Than Ever... Or Is Every Story Broadcast?

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David Allan Cimino

Beating up a flight attendant because your sandwich is slow to arrive and thinking you can outrun the cops when they've caught you smoking in the lav... while the plane is still on the tarmac - are 2 of the latest scenarios we can't look away from.

Did air pax always behave this badly or does today's instant broad spectrum media reporting leave no story untold?

Our 1 st scenario has an easyJet flight heading from Geneva to Pristina, Kosovo being forced to make an emergency landing in Rome — because of a sandwich.

A passenger was apparently so impatient waiting for the sandwich he ordered that he punched a flight attendant to the ground and continued pummeling her.

Eventually, the plane landed and the hungry passenger was arrested by Italian police.

Because of one man's intense desire for a sandwich, the other 180 pax had to wait until later that day to finish their journey.

In another bizarre situation, David Allan Cimino of Boise, Idaho had boarded AS to fly from Juneau to Seattle. He was soon busted by a flight attendant for smoking in the lavatory – while the plane was still on the tarmac.

Crew members called the Juneau Police Department and asked Cimino to leave. Instead, he allegedly refused to identify himself to the officers, dashed down the jetway and led them on a chase across the tarmac.

As the officers attempted to apprehend him, Cimino reportedly injured one officer's hand and bit the other one on the cheek. (Guess he was hungry too.)

Cimino stopped fighting – and biting – after the officers threatened to use a Taser on him. He was charged with “2 counts of assaulting a peace officer, 2 counts of criminal mischief, and 1 count of resisting arrest." All for a smoke.

There is a positive side to the story – the AS flight was only delayed by 13 minutes.

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