Would You Pay USD345 For An Airline Meal?

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Champagne and chateaubriand. China plates and real silverware. Does that sound like your last airline meal? Didn't think so.

But it was part of air travel in the past. And the most glamorous parts have been lovingly recreated by The Pan Am Experience, a four-hour simulated flight on an exact replica of a Boeing 747.

The Pan Am Experience is as close as you'll get today to enjoying the glamour of circa-1970s air travel, complete with authentic decor, plush Sleeperette seats and flight attendants wearing crisply pressed 40 year old uniforms.

The plane is “hangared" at Air Hollywood, an aviation-themed movie studio that has provided airport and airplane sets to a variety of films. But every other Saturday night, Air Hollywood treats its guests to the kind of flight that disappeared well before Pan American World Airways declared bankruptcy in 1991. You won't actually leave the ground, but that's a small quibble.

The Pan Am Experience was designed by Peter Toth, a hardcore collector of airline memorabilia and an all-around obsessive about Pan Am. “The Pan Am brand just resonated with me, and I instantly became obsessed with aviation," Toth told Yahoo. “Younger generations have no recollection of what it was like to fly during the '70s."

Pan Am Experience ticketholders can expect 4 course meals with lofty-sounding entrees recreated from real Pan Am in-flight menus.

The meal begins with choices of shrimp cocktail or tomato and mozzarella drizzled with a pesto glaze. For the main course, selections include Chateaubriand carved from the trolley or Roasted Chicken with Peppercorn sauce. Each meal comes with fresh vegetables and roasted potatoes.

Pretending to fly first class comes with a price tag of course – USD345. Despite the hefty fare, the Pan Am Experience is sold out until July. Air Hollywood will announce a new set of Saturday dates 17APR.

One part of the experience isn't quite so authentic. There will be no lighting up a cigar or cigarette after the meal. Most people won't mind.

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