FR Attendant Caught Selling Passenger’s Camera On eBay

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Miguel Andrade Viseu

An FR flight attendant lost his job after taking a £500 camera that was left on a flight and listing it on eBay.

The victim, teacher Aaron Galloway, had left his SLR camera on his seat on arrival at PRG for a city break. Ground crew phoned the flight attendants within minutes but cabin crew said there was no sign of the camera.

On his return to the U.K., Galloway went on eBay to look for a replacement and - lo and behold - recognized his own camera for sale with 35 minutes left on the auction.

He told the Sun: "It was a 3 day auction starting the same day I lost my camera, and the item location was Stansted." Hmmm, not exactly a master thief at work here.
According to the Irish Examiner, Galloway wrote the following message to the seller, one Fernando Miguel Andrade Viseu, mentioning that the camera was easily traceable as he had registered it with Nikon: “So you have a choice. You can lose your job for theft and get prosecuted. Or you can give it back to me. I'll tell the police there must have been a mistake and it turned up in Prague. Up to you buddy. I'll meet you in the Stansted terminal, heck I'll even give you £50 providing everything's OK with it. You're £50 richer and still have your job. …"

That's when Viseu wrote back admitting he stole the camera, apologizing profusely and begging the very reasonable victim to please, please, please not tattle.

And Galloway probably wouldn't have, until he discovered Viseu had sold 118 items in the few months prior. So he called the police, who raided Viseu's house and charged him with the theft of the camera and an unknown Kindle.

Magistrates in Chelmsford, Essex, ordered him to attend a drug rehabilitation program for 6 months and pay £145 costs. They also imposed a community order and ordered him to do 100 hours of unpaid work.

Galloway criticized the airline questioning how the camera could be taken without anyone knowing.

A spokesman for Ryanair said: "This person's employment was immediately terminated once Crewlink became aware of these court proceedings."

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