Immigration Officer Suspended For Asking Outrageous Questions

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A bit of power in the wrong hands can lead to disturbing results.

An Indian airport immigration officer is alleged to have repeatedly asked a woman personal questions, including whether she slept with other men while her husband was away.

The complainant was a female passenger about to depart DEL for HKG. While waiting at the immigration counter before boarding the flight to meet her husband, she was stopped for questioning.

The immigration officer started by asking probing and seemingly unnecessary questions - “like how many children I have, do I drink, do I smoke or eat chicken," the woman told Indian news channel Times Now. Hmmm, the old chicken question… sometimes it trips them up.

“He also asked me whether I sleep with other men when my husband is at work," the woman alleged. “Not once or twice, but he asked me 4 times if I had undergone a surgery for birth control."

When the immigration officer asked her if she would like to have her 3rd child with him, the woman became truly alarmed.

After ending the bizarre interrogation, the woman says the immigration officer followed her, stalker-style, as she walked along the moving walkway between domestic and international terminals, she told Times Now.

By the time the woman returned from her trip to HKG, her father-in-law had laid an official complaint with Delhi Police, who, thankfully, took her seriously and arrested the officer. He is suspended while the investigation runs its course.

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