TK Flight Attendant Goes Above & Beyond

Open Jaw

It’s only fair. Here at Open Jaw Deviation we often write about the foibles and faux pas of flight crew, so when they do something awesome, we should report that too.

So here’s to Turkish Airlines flight attendant Burcu Kirmaci, who reminded us this week that not all flight attendants are stealing pax cameras and flogging them on e-Bay.

Kirmaci went the extra mile – literally - to ensure the safety, care and comfort of an injured passenger.

The Turkish national airline was 3 hours into its ITM/IST daily flight when a Japanese passenger fainted, striking her head on the way down. The woman’s glasses broke and she suffered a nasty gash on her face.

Kirmaci and other crew applied first aid and looked after the passenger for the remaining 10 hours of the flight. On landing in Istanbul, it was determined that the pax would require further medical treatment, including stitches.

Kirmaci speaks fluent Japanese, and made the decision to accompany the injured woman to the hospital, where she used her language skills to facilitate care. She even saw to it that the woman made it home to her final destination, hours later.

Calling it “not an act of responsibility but rather an act of empathy,” Kirmaci has drawn effusive praise for her ‘above and beyond’ actions. Some of the flight’s other pax even tried to give her gifts. Her employer will no doubt be pleased too – in a social media world even good news travels fast.

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