Beer & Breakfast? Yes, Please

OPen Jaw

BrewDog co-founders James Watt & Martin Dickie.

No, the headline doesn't read beer for breakfast. But if you're thirsty, go ahead.

Bed and beer is the latest hospitality concept being considered by a Scottish craft brewer.

Brewdog plans to open a hotel near its brewery in Ellon, which it hopes will turn the spot into a tourist destination and help to further boost the local economy. But here's the real news:

“We're going to have draught Brewdog on tap in the bedrooms," co-founder Martin Dickie told the Daily Telegraph.

It's not that different from the in-room liquor dispensers offered by some southern all-inclusives, but there's something about having a beer tap in your hotel room that might make you not want to go out. And with a population of under 10,000, Aberdeenshire's Ellon likely doesn't have a throbbing nightlife.

“We would love to have somewhere for people who visit us to stay, as we're quite out of the way up here," said Dickie. “This is something we've been thinking about for a while."

The company plans to build a 300 hectolitre brewery next to its original brewery to help it meet global demand. A distillery will also be installed on the site, creating craft spirits.

Other plans include opening between 15 and 20 Brewdog bars across the U.K., doubling the size of the current portfolio. The company is seeking to raise £25 million for the developments through a new crowdfunding project.

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