Charcoal Activated Underwear – Perfect For The Flatulent Flyer

Open Jaw

It's the perfect gift for the flatulent flyer. Especially one that you have to sit beside. Or behind.

A company called Shreddies is offering odour-controlling underwear “manufactured with love in the U.K."

The Shreddies motto is 'Fart with confidence.' The product employs an activated carbon back panel that can be re-activated by simply washing. It promises to remove all trace of odour, making it an ideal choice for frequent farters – and frequently flying farters too.

Shreddies says excessive flatulence can be caused by eating high fibre foods (like Shreddies?), swallowing too much air and drinking gassy drinks. Whatever the cause, painful experience suggests it can be a problem in the air – in more ways than one.

In fact, Open Jaw believes the product is such a good idea that it should be offered on the in-flight menu, and perhaps be made mandatory for repeat offenders.

Shreddies come in both men's and women's styles. (Wait – do women? No!)

On the Shreddies website, one testimonial reads as follows: “I've been wearing your Shreddies since last Friday. I'm not taking them off. I truly love them. I can pass gas and nobody around me knows."

The same enthusiast states: “My life has improved dramatically. I might even consider dating again." (If we could make a suggestion it would be to purchase a 2 nd pair."

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