YouTube Puppets Provide Tips On Airline Etiquette

Open Jaw

After educating people on how to behave in subways, movie theatres and restaurants, the internet's most manners conscious puppets have turned their attention to airports and planes.

In the latest Glove and Boots video, Fafa (the groundhog) and Mario (the one who looks like Elmo with a hip injection) share tips on everything from getting to the airport to enduring the flight. One truism imparted is the 3 types of people you will have to deal with at the airport: airport personnel, idiots and jerks.

Specific advice is offered for those who find themselves seated beside Liam Neeson.

Air travel is ripe for satire, and the puppets aren't saying anything that hasn't been said before. But they're smart and funny and, when it comes to encouraging air travel etiquette, there can never be too much information.

Our favourite line from the video: “Congratulations, you're on the plane. So relax and sit back – probably next to a jerk."

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