Guests Of The Islamic State Stay At This 5 Star Hotel

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The Islamic State is apparently now in the hotel business.

Reports say the group known as ISIS has reopened a luxury hotel in Mosul, Iraq. The target market: the group’s commanders and visiting sympathizers.

Photos published online and attributed to the militant group's television channel appear to show the Ninawa Hotel in Mosul being readied for guests.

The hotel, which has 262 rooms spread over 11 floors, was closed down last year when ISIS seized large parts of the country.

In the photos, people are seen cleaning windows, tending to a garden and painting, while the black flag of ISIS is seen being raised in the grounds of the hotel. The photos are a stark contrast to other ISIS propaganda shots and videos, which often show gruesome beheadings and the destruction of centuries-old artifacts.

The ‘5 star’ Ninawa Hotel has a number of positive reviews on TripAdvisor, all of which were posted before ISIS took over the city.

One user called it "one of the best hotels in Iraq", where you can "enjoy the luxury life with (a) very affordable room rate." Another wrote: "It's actually so comfortable and has a nice view with a large garden and a nice look to the river."

Some observers believe the ISIS coverage of the hotel’s reopening is meant to display its strength and resilience in the face of coalition bombings.

Others see the propaganda as ‘off-message’ as it shows luxurious surroundings that only some can afford, a concept more familiar within Western capitalist society. ISIS promises an inclusive caliphate that serves everyone who swears allegiance to it.

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