And The Losers Are: China Names 1st Members Of Tourist Blacklist

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Chinese authorities have named and shamed 4 people for misbehaving while travelling, as the nation seeks to improve the image of its tourists, some of whom have earned headlines for bad behaviour.

The 4 blacklisted this week by the China National Tourism Administration include a woman who poured instant noodles soaked in hot water onto an AirAsia flight attendant while insulting her and making threats. Her male traveling companion was also blacklisted after getting into an altercation with the attendant. Their actions resulted in a flight diversion.

Zhang Yan and Wang Sheng were the 1st 2 people to be blacklisted by the national agency under a rule that took effect in April. It allows authorities to blacklist a person for unruly, disruptive, disrespectful or illegal behaviours on travel and to notify police, customs, border security, transportation agencies and credit agencies.

No punishments are specified but the blacklisting means people could see their travel plans affected during a specified timeframe. Both Zhang and Wang will remain on the blacklist until March 2017.

The 3rd person on the blacklist forcibly opened emergency doors on a domestic flight and was detained 15 days. He was also blacklisted for 2 years.

The 4th person on the list is a teenager who climbed onto statutes of revolutionary soldiers to be photographed, drawing widespread condemnation. He’ll be on the list for 10 years.

Buoyed by their better incomes, record numbers of Chinese have travelled home and abroad, touring scenic and cultural spots around the world, but they also have been criticized for such things as being boisterous, smoking in public, littering and fouling public toilets. Certainly not the only tourists doing those kinds of things though – as we know from other deviants we have outed in this column.

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