Trashing Italy, One Selfie At A Time

Open Jaw

In March, a couple of tourists were caught carving their initials in the Roman Colosseum, then taking a selfie as evidence of their cleverness.

The latest act of selfie-inspired stupidity took place in Cremona when another couple of tourists shattered part of a 3 century old sculpture while – you guessed it – taking a selfie.

The pair climbed atop the Statue of the Two Hercules, a sculpture in the Loggia dei Militi depicting 2 Hercules statues framing a coat of arms. Clearly not understanding the fragility of Enlightenment-era marble, the 2 ignorant clowns put their weight on the work, knocking the crown to the floor, where it shattered.

The work, which sat atop the old city gates for centuries, is considered “the emblem of Cremona," and local authorities are anything but amused as they consider what to do with the pair of tourists, whose identities have not been released.

Their next selfie may include some vertical bars.

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