Getting PEI Tourism Up: Bulging Brochure Cover Pulled

Open Jaw

A lighthouse has replaced the image of a couple relaxing in Prince Edward Island on the province's tourism guide after the male party appeared to be sporting an erection.

The original guide cover featured a picture of a man and woman sitting on a beach. She was reading, he was just lying back, soaking in the rays, and, who knows, maybe thinking about PEI's great golf courses or the evening's lobster supper.

Whatever he was pondering, it apparently led to a visible growth in his crotch area. Or maybe that's just the way the fabric of his shorts was sitting. It doesn't really matter. Because once the cat's out of the bag (so to speak) on social media, there's no zipping it up again.

Charlottetown's Guardian newspaper queried people about the cover and many didn't notice until they were told about it.

One woman started laughing as soon as it was pointed out to her, saying, "Is that what I think it is?"

Another person said “he looks really happy to be here."

P.E.I.'s Department of Tourism and Culture did not comment on the cover. Guess not. They printed 150,000 English travel guides and about 35,000 French ones.

Some might question the wisdom of replacing a purported erection with a powerful phallic symbol like a lighthouse. But the original cover was surely a hard act to follow and we think they've risen to the unfortunate occasion.

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