Sit Separately Or Pay Up

Open Jaw

This is getting a bit ridiculous. An upset father says DL assigned his 4 yr. old daughter a seat 11 rows away from his own on a recent flight, and then asked him to pay $88 if he wanted the family to sit closer. reports that Frank Strong couldn't find 2 adjacent seats online during the booking process, but a ticket agent said he and his daughter could sit together in Economy Plus for the extra fee. Strong was told to ask the gate agent to make the switch for free, but the dad worried the issue would not be resolved, so he chose the path of least resistance, he wrote on his blog.

"Faced with a dilemma of handing over ransom money to Delta in exchange for certainty, or taking a risk that an agent might fix the problem at the gate, I opted to pay," Strong wrote. "No parent holds a higher responsibility — or more deeply visceral instinct — than keeping their child or children safe. That's hard to accomplish 11 rows away when the fasten seat belt sign is glowing."

Strong notes that once he boarded the flight, he discovered there were lots of empty seats on the plane so he feels the situation should never have happened. He thinks there should be a law that prohibits an airline from separating a child and a guardian in seat assignments.

Delta says it's investigating the matter.

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