Now Boarding… In 25 Different Languages

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At a global hub like Dubai, pax from all over the world land, take-off and transfer. So it makes sense that boarding announcements be made in multiple languages. But 25 of them? Save us.

Dubai Airports has introduced a new initiative to cater to its growing global pax base at both DXB and DWC by making automated announcements in a wide range of tongues. The new system will standardize all boarding announcements and also promises better voice quality, making it easier for pax to receive the information they need for their journey through the airport.

Boarding announcements will be made in 12 languages in Concourse A and in ICAO standard languages at open gates in Concourse D, Terminal 2 and Al Maktoum International. The standard languages include English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

There is some good news for those fearing constant babble throughout the airport. Dubai Airports says the new system supports its “silent airport" policy at both Dubai International and Al Maktoum International by making automated boarding announcements specific to the passenger boarding gates, premium lounges and transfer desks.

Chris Garton, E.V.P. Operations at Dubai Airports, said, “The implementation of automated boarding lounge announcements is another step towards delivering the service excellence we aspire to and enhancing the passenger experience in terms of overall improvement of the airport ambience in line with our silent airport concept. The multilingual system also recognizes that we cater to passengers from across the globe."

We do have one question from a Canadian perspective: Will we be able to order a Sprite in French?

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