No Virginia, There Isn’t A 797

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Despite early problems, the 787 Dreamliner has turned out to be a pretty awesome plane. But there’s a story floating around the internet that there’s another new plane that Boeing is set to introduce in the near future. Called the 797, it allegedly has the ability to seat 1,000 pax and is shaped like a flying wing.

It’s not a new story, but is it a true story? The initial image of the Boeing 797 that began floating around the internet around the turn of the century looks very convincing.

That’s because the image was created professionally. Website Occupy Theory reports that it was created by Embassy Visual Effects for Popular Science in a 2003 issue that examined the future of aircraft. The entire image is made from computer graphics software.

That doesn’t mean Boeing isn’t looking at the blended wing design for the future of aircraft. They have an experimental aircraft that is unmanned and experimental that looks a lot like the alleged Boeing 797.

What makes the Boeing 797 hoax so believable is that the physics behind the design are very real. The blended wing design has several structural advantages compared to the traditional fixed wing aircraft that are used for commercial flight today. Aerodynamic and operating efficiencies would allow the blended wing body to fly further and use less fuel than traditional aircraft. The structure itself is more reliable and stable while in the air.

In fact, Boeing was going to develop a blended wing commercial aircraft in its 20 year commercial plan, but found in initial testing of the design that pax didn’t like it at all. Seating for the conceptual plane was theatre-style and allowed for very few window seats.

The design of the bogus Boeing 797 is pretty intriguing. For all practical purposes, however, the only thing is just a hoax. A hoax that has been debunked on and on

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