North Korea Plans To Welcome 2 Million Tourists

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All inclusive prison camps, anyone?

The most tightly controlled and secretive country in the world has decided to develop its great tourism potential. The country's dear leaders have released an ambitious plan to increase arrivals from their current 100,000 annual visitors to around one million by 2017 and continue to ramp up the draw to their self-proclaimed “socialist fairyland" to 2 million by 2020.

In a recent speech at the capital city of Pyongyang he is believed to have told his people that the country can 'produce a lot of profit' from tourism, which is why it is being made a top priority.

“Many people in foreign countries think in a wrong way about our country. Though the economic sanctions of the U.S. imperialists are increasing, we are developing our economy."

It could have something to do with secret police, detainments, interments, disappearances, massive oppression, nuclear testing and that little mishap where you assassinated your uncle. But the leader simply brushed away concerns about the country's human rights record.

Last month, a tour operator launched a holiday package dedicated to the country's seaside offering.

In Pyongyang some of the popular tourist sites include a new high-tech shooting range, where visitors can hunt animated tigers with laser guns or use live ammo to bag real pheasants, which can be prepared to eat right there on the spot.

North Korea is targeting potential tourists in markets friendlier to its cause than the United States, such as Russia, China and several Southeast Asian countries.

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