Hurry Get Your $47 Flash Sale…. But Not Right Now

Open Jaw

In a marketing coup worthy of a David Copperfield illusion, WN's recent WOW sale offering fares as low as $47 has left consumers clicking to no avail. Part of the carriers website was shut down. Closed. Sorry.

The explanation on its site says: "Our sale is causing high demand right now so you may experience difficulty on We're working to fix the issue so please try back again soon!"

The company posted its 1st tweet citing technical problems earlier on Wednesday and began monitoring the situation closely around 1 p.m. ET.

Brandy King, communications director at the airline, told CNBC that unexpected activity due to an ongoing sale is partly to blame. Of course, one can't help but wonder what else is to blame.

Some consumer comments include:

“I'm searching Southwest Airlines for flights but the site keep crashing."

“Holy swizzle sticks @SouthwestAir - stop the commercials so the website will stay up & we can book flights #travel"

The response from WN is to “try refreshing your browser".

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