You Can’t Follow EY On Twitter Unless You’re Special

Open Jaw

Etihad's message to twitterites: “Don't call us".

The carrier only wants what it considers “special" followers. Interested parties must apply and be vetted by the airline, submitting a copy of their Etihad Guest Card, date of birth, postal code and their Twitter user name to

The rest of us can only dream of the privilege of being an Etihad follower. The airline claims this initiative is bringing “rarefied air to the Twitter-sphere." Once verified, these special followers receive “bespoke features" such as:

  • Dedicated “online touch-point" which gives VIPs access to “exclusive benefits" like “privileged content."
  • Customized (or as Etihad labels it “tailored") news and special offers.
  • Priority round-the-clock customer service in English and Arabic with a 5 min. response time.
  • Retrospective mileage claims (whatever that means).

“The new channel aims to enhance the experience of our most valued guests by offering them a personalized service and delivering a range of unique benefits," says Elizabeth Selby, Etihad Airways' Head of Social Media. “It also allows Etihad Airways to create highly-focused campaigns and build stronger relationships with its premium audience through meaningful conversations."

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